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 Join one of our fun and Effective Challenges

The easiest way to ease into a healthier lifestyle or give your routine the boost it needs!

Lost confidence?  No energy?  Need direction?  We've all been there.  Not knowing where to start or feeling overwhelmed with all the conflicting data.  We can help you!

Our solution: The Mission Challenges.

This is Six Weeks of focus on habits, nutrition, and accountability.

The Mission is to Reduce body fat, Shed pounds, Sleep better, Recover faster, and Fuel your workouts!


  • Before and After Body Composition Assessment

  • Meal Plan with Grocery List, and Recipe Guides

  • ​Access to our nutrition coaching app that drops lessons and content.

  • Weekly check-ins with a coach to keep you on track.

  • 6 Weeks of fun challenge participant-only events and mini-challenges all designed to bring out your full potential and make the journey fun and exciting!

  • Fun events with your friends outside of the gym!

  • Get in amazing shape and motivate others to do the same!

You've already had those moments where you thought..."Man... I need to get serious about my goals and take it to the NEXT level!"

Did I mention there are prizes?


1. One Month FREE Unlimited Membership

2. 50/50 of the entry fee collected.

3. A Tee Shirt

4. Bragging rights!!! I'll showcase your accomplishments that you should be proud to put on display


Let's get Started!

You can join our challenges by clicking below.

(only active during challenge sign ups)

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