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All of our Classes
we have something for everyone!

Zumba & Hip Hop Cardio

Enjoy this fun-filled, energetic dance fitness class. Any level of fitness is welcome!

Mondays & Wednesdays at 6pm


Barre Fit

A target toning, stretching, and lengthening workout that focuses on ballet movements and flexibility.

Thursday at 6pm


Xtreme Hip Hop Step and Burn TM

Xtreme Hip Hop Step is a high intensity, cardio step aerobics class. Step routines are done to Hip Hop and R&B tunes to create a fun workout environment while eliminating the feeling of “working out." Xtreme burn is a twist on kick boxing

Saturdays (check our schedule)


Body Power

This class changes with use of various equipment to build strength and endurance working as a group doing a variety of full body exercises.  Modifications are available.

Tuesday at 6pm


Beatboxing Fitness TM

Kickboxing and dance fitness combine in this fun format of exercise brought to you by TikTok sensations Bev & Haily. The combination of formats makes for an effective workout.

Fridays and some Saturdays (check our schedule)



A gentle, relaxation and stretching to end the week and get the new week started

Sundays 10am


Rise & Grind & Evening Express

Both Rise & Grind and Evening Express classes are 30-minute circuits and cardio to focus on strength, toning, endurance, and fat burning.  

Rise & Grind:  Monday- Friday 5-5:30 am

Evening Express: M, W, F 7:15-7:45pm

(some pop up classes may take place on T & TH at 7pm) be sure to check our schedule for any changes or pop up classes!

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