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Xtreme Burn


Saturday 10am


45-60 min

About the Class

Another Xtreme format using kickboxing moves and weights with some floor work. No step required!!! All fitness levels!

Your Instructor (s)

Chris Washington

Chris Washington

Chris is not only an Xtreme Hip Hop Step instructor, he's a master trainer, so he's able to certify new instructors. Also, he's certified in Xtreme Burn. With his energy and motivation, he'll keep you burning fat and calories every time!

Natasha Washington

Chris Washington

I'm Natasha Washington, igniting fitness fires and grooves as an Xtreme burn instructor and NASM Certified Personal Trainer since 2020. My passion for movement and wellness infused into every beat, every step, guiding individuals to embrace a healthier, more vibrant life. I blend the energetic rhythms of hip hop with the precision of NASM training, delivering high-intensity workouts that not only challenge, but inspire. My commitment goes beyond exercise, it's about fostering a community where sweat meets empowerment and beats fuel transformation. With years of experience and a certification to back it up, I aim to sculpt personalized fitness journeys, ensuring every session is a step closer to individual goals. Let's groove, sweat, and sculpt a better you together.

Chris Washington

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