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Xtreme Hip Hop Step


Monday and Wednesday 7pm and Saturday 10am


60 min

About the Class

Xtreme Hip Hop Step is a high intensity, cardio step aerobics class. Step routines are done to Hip Hop and R&B tunes to create a fun workout environment while eliminating the feeling of “working out."

Your Instructor (s)

Tara Cornish

Tara Cornish

Tara (aka Trini Girl) became certified at Mission Fitness Studio, so it only made sense to hire her as our full-time instructor. She epitomizes the Xtreme brand and what it stands for. Her classes are full of energy and positivity as she encourages everyone to do their best while breaking down the moves as well as pushing her class to try new ones.

Keedah Vazquez

Tara Cornish

I'm Keedah, certified personal trainer and newly certified Xtreme Hip Hop instructor. I have always had a passion for health and wellness and became more physically active after high school. Throughout the years however, my commitment to being consistent fluctuated as did my weight. I weighed my heaviest in 2018, and along with it came some unwanted changes in my health. In 2019 I decided to change the way I ate to become healthier. My weight began to shed!! Which gave me more energy and confidence to get back to exercising!
In late 2020 at the age of 43, I decided to become a trainer to assist, inspire
and support others in achieving their fitness goals!

Chris Washington

Tara Cornish

Chris is not only an Xtreme Hip Hop Step instructor, but also a master trainer, so he's able to certify new instructors. Also, he's certified in Xtreme Burn. With his energy and motivation, he'll keep you burning fat and calories every time!

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