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Sunday 9am or 10am


60 min

About the Class

A gentle, relaxation and stretching to end the week and get the new week started

Your Instructor (s)

Nicole Bellamy

Nicole Bellamy

Nicole became an ultra marathon runner and Ironman triathlete on her journey to losing 150 pounds. She now coaches high school cross country and swim teams. She started teaching yoga and barre classes to enhance the strength and flexibility of her athletes and students. Her teaching philosophy focuses on instilling a passion for movement and helping students to reach their full potential. She offers guidance for all skill levels so her students can trust their bodies and make informed choices, whether on a yoga mat or at the barre.

Zoe Michelle Bradshaw

Nicole Bellamy

Zoe Michelle is relatively new to teaching, but she's very knowledgeable in the art of Yoga. She's gaining her experience here at Mission Fitness Studio.

Nicole Bellamy

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