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How to book classes

  • From the website:  Click on WHAT WE DO

  • Under Classes Select CLASS SCHEDULE

  • Find the class you are interested in and click on BOOK.

IF YOU ALREADY BOUGHT A MEMBERSHIP- BOOK USING OUR APP.  BE SURE TO USE THE EMAIL ADDRESS THAT YOUR PLAN WAS PURCHASED UNDER TO SIGN IN (Same with booking from the webiste- log in first using the email address you purchased your plan under and book by using your plan.  You still have to select adult or child)

Enter your first and last name and email address and phone number (so we can contact you in case of cancellation or changes)

  • Under PAY NOW you can either pay for the pass or buy a plan

    • Pay Now (online)​

    • BUY A PLAN: any qualifying plans will appear here.

*NOTE: due to a problem with cash payments, we've removed the option to pay in cash.  We only accept credit card payments and drop-in fees must be paid up front.  Your card will not be charged any other time unless you purchase something else. We do not have access to charge your credit card even if you save it to your account.




You can enter a coupon code here if you have one-select APPLY

click BOOK NOW


coupon code here

If you don'thave a coupon code, you will be brought to the payment page.  You can enter the coupon code if you forgot to or gift card number if you have one here.  Click CONTINUE



You can enter your credit or debit card details here (anything with a *)  

Select place order and pay.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL for your confirmation and to sign our waiver PRIOR to coming to class.  We only require one waiver on file, so if you have already done it in the past, you don't have to do it again-if you can't remember, just fill it out again.

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