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Booking classes is mandatory for both drop-ins and members due to space and equipment limitations. Failure to book your class may result in no space or equipment to accommodate you.

If you have any questions about booking, please text 302-476-4323.  For your convenience, I have prepared a guide to walk you through how to book on the website:  HERE

Drop-in fees are due at booking and there is no longer a cash option available.  If you have a coupon code, you may use it when you check out!  


Cancellation of your booking if you are unable to attend is equally as important as booking the class.  This is to ensure that we can prepare for class properly, we don't waste the time of the instructor, and we give others the opportunity to book in the event the class becomes full.  

Failure to cancel will result in a no show and 25 points will be removed from your loyalty points for each time you no-show.  For more information on the loyalty program click: HERE

If you pay for your drop-in fee and no-show, you will forfeit your drop-in fee. However, cancellation prior to the class start will result in an immediate refund of the drop-in fee.


We welcome guests and visitors!  

Participating Guests:  Each instructor has their own coupon codes specific for their class.  If this is your first time at Mission Fitness, you can get a coupon code by contacting the instructor or texting us 302-257-6612 to obtain your coupon code.  Otherwise, most memberships include a 7-day free trial so you can try all the classes.  

Visiting Guests: If anyone (children included) wants to come observe or you don't have childcare, they are welcome to come site in the lobby.  We have free wifi to keep them entertained while you work out.  


During times of inclement weather, we will make every effort to remain open.


There may be times, however, that a staff member is unable to make a shift due to weather conditions (especially in the early morning) and if your safety is in question, we will have to close.


You should get a notification in the event of a cancellation, but please make sure that we not only have your email address, but phone number as well. 


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for notices as well. 


If you have the flu, a cold, or any other contagious illness, please do not come to class. Doing so with a contagious illness puts you and all other members at risk. Illness causes an individual's system to become weaker and the likelihood for injury increases significantly when training under these conditions.


Furthermore, given the nature of physical training, the transmission of contagious diseases occurs quite readily. Bottles of disinfectant spray, wipes, and hand sanitizer are available for cleaning your hands and the equipment. Please be courteous of fellow members and use the supplies provided in the areas that you use.

Delmar is relatively safe, but we take no chances.  We lock doors after class starts in the early morning to safeguard members against the unknown.  Whenever possible, park close and leave with others.  If you need to be escorted to your vehicle, please let us know.  The police department is literally next door, so if anything should arise and you're concerned about your safety, they are readily available to assist.


We require that every person who participates in any of our classes, events, private sessions, etc have a current waiver on file PRIOR to the class, event, or session

Once you sign up for a plan, book a drop-in session, or even use FunFull, you are directed to our waiver.

Here is where you can find that if you feel you may need to fill one out:  WAIVER

I will periodically message anyone who doesn't have a current one of file to have them fill one out.


Parking may look bleak unless you are aware of all the hidden parking options in the area.  Most of the parking in downtown Delmar is PUBLIC parking with the exception of the funeral home but even they are gracious enough to allow use of their parking lot if it not being used for their services.  (PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF THAT!)

I have included a map of all the potential parking options around the gym.  Everything highlighted in RED are options and generally not full on class days.  

parking options.jpeg
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