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Where do you get your recipes?

I'm one who wants (and needs) quick and easy recipes in order to keep myself accountable because I barely have time to do much of anything especially cook an elaborate meal. I find complex recipes frustrating and make me not want to follow a meal plan if they have them, but others LOVE a challenging recipe.... I'm not one of those people. That's why in my meal plans I offer a variety of recipe options; some are hard and take time and others are not. The fact that the meal plans are easy to mix and match and create your own weekly plan.

However, what if you're not in our nutrition program, you should still be looking for the best recipes to change your intake. I have vetted many recipe websites looking for the best options that save time, money, and don't include complicated recipes or unattainable ingredients.

Most healthy recipes are complex and costly, but they don't have to be. I'm not saying every recipe on these resources are simple and you can find everything you need to make them in your local store, but they do have more options like that and most ingredients you are able to substitute for something equivalent to the hard-to-find ingredients.

Here are some great options:

Now, the ball is in your court... get to planning, prepping, or whatever it is you need to do be 100% and start losing those unwanted pounds.

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